Fairfield Homes Rocks!

Dr. Debbie leads a strategic leadership event for Fairfield Homes! Living, Learning and Leading with Intention!


A Class Lesson in Customer Service

What students discovered while doing an assignment on customer service. These are just a few nuggets of what was captured during a recent assignment.

Lessons Learned In Class

In the Classroom with Deborah Phillips

What a way to honor my mother… (really my mom and dad). My mother left this earth over 24 years ago, but she left something in me that I get to enjoy every day…that is teaching and investing in the lives of my students. Georgia Tech is running a story about my love for teaching and I share this with you as a reminder to never cheat yourself out of JOY. I encourage each of you to find out what fills your life with wonderful experiences. Expand that part of your “life pie.” For me, it’s working in a unique industry but more importantly it’s sharing our industry with my students and helping them discover their gifts. My mother gave me a wonderful gift and now I get to pass it on. When you think about it, we are all teachers at some level. In our families, our homes, our communities, our workplaces, we have the opportunity to share our heart. On this upcoming mother’s day weekend, pass along a little extra love to someone. A mother’s work is truly never done…now it’s your turn.
In the classroom


Click here for the full story!  http://www.news.gatech.edu/features/classroom-deborah-phillips


IREM Atlanta Beltline Tour

Spending the afternoon with some of my GT students on the IREM Beltline Tour.

Beautiful day…beautiful students…beautiful progress in Atlanta!

beltline bus photo

Sharing with Cleveland Super Stars!

Dr. Debbie enjoys a great day in Cleveland with the Northeast Ohio Apartment Association!

Three years in a row, Debbie discovers a group of shining superstars making our industry stronger!

Columbus SuperStars!

Dr. Debbie Kicks off RECharge!

Dr. Debbie kicks off RECharge, Alabama’s #1 Real Estate Conference.

Dr. Debbie kicks off RECharge

She is also presenting her nationally recognized program: The Power of Intention.

Are You Intentional?

Dr. Debbie delivers “Becoming a Person of Influence” to Affordable Housing Investors Council

Becoming a Person of Influence

You can’t change your circumstances without changing your thinking.

What thoughts need changing?