Are You Intentional?

Dr. Debbie delivers “Becoming a Person of Influence” to Affordable Housing Investors Council

Becoming a Person of Influence

You can’t change your circumstances without changing your thinking.

What thoughts need changing?


Tuesday’s First IREM Events – Know Your Products! and Congratulations Ken Paul

Dynamic leader Julie Yesnick, Chair of IREM’s Knowledge Products Committee reminded members of the wide variety of educational products that are available to help your teams excel and put your company at the front of the pack!

IREM Tuesday panel Julie Yesnick, Chair of IREM's Knowledge Products Committee

We also celebrated Ken Paul’s 42 years of outstanding service to IREM! When you align your heart with your work, you are truly in your genius zone!

Congratulations to Ken Paul on his 42 years of outstanding service to IREM!

The Close of A Great Day at the IREM Summit

Celebrating the hard work and dedication of IREM GA Chapter 67 members has Dr. Debbie wishing her students could be in DC to see the industry at its best!

  • IREM Georgia receives 2015 Innovation Award and Outstanding Recognition for Income/Expense Analysis Program. These activities were accomplished under the direction of 2015 IREM Georgia President Kareem Slater, Scott Kavanaugh, Income and Expense Chair/CBRE and Deborah Westphal, IREM Georgia Executive Director.

Pictured left to right: Chris Mellen, 2016 IREM President, Velda Simpson, Region IV IREM Vice President, Denise Koehl, 2017 IREM GA President Elect and Mike Lanning, 2017 IREM National President Elect.

Pictured left to right: Chris Mellen, 2016 IREM President, Velda Simpson, Region IV IREM Vice President, Denise Koehl, 2017 IREM GA President Elect and Mike Lanning, 2017 IREM National President Elect.


  • Dr. Debbie celebrates with Region IV friends as Chris Mellen, 2016 IREM President kicks off awards banquet! Friendships are among life’s greatest blessings!

Region IV friends


  • Dr. Debbie discovers more emerging leaders! Here at the IREM Leadership and Legislative Conference with students from University of Wisconsin – Stout. Real Estate Program Director, Fred Prassas introduces Dr. Debbie to his superstars.  The future shines brighter because of these students! Spend one minute with these Millennials and you’ll be asking for more!

IREM Students

IREM Leadership & Legislative Summit

Debbie at IREM Leadership Forum

It’s all about IREM! Dr. Debbie kicks off this week at the IREM Leadership and Legislative Summit in Washington D.C.   She is proud to serve as the IREM Georgia Chapter President.

To start the morning off, Dr. Debbie enjoys learning new strategies for increasing student engagement at the instructor forum with Denise Koehl, President of Integral Property Management, and 2017 IREM Georgia President Elect.

– – –  Sharing success strategies makes us stronger! Give your best, expect the best and never settle for less!

Debbie at IREM Leg 1

Sharing Their “Genius Zone”

Leaders share their “genius zone” with my GT Yellow Jackets! Jimmy Dumont, Director of Asset Services with CBRE; Melanie Gersper, Chief Operating Officer of Asia Capital Real Estate and Representative Ronnie Mabra (former GT football star) invested time with my superstars! The investment you make in education always pays the highest dividends!


Jim Dumont, Director of Asset Services with CBRE  Melanie Gersper, Chief Operating Officer of Asia Capital Real Estate   Ronnie Mabra, former Georgia Tech football star

A “thankFULL Thursday” for Dr. Debbie

How on earth did I get so fortunate? To teach great students at Georgia Tech and to expose them to the industry’s finest subject matter experts like Nadeen Green of For Rent Media Solutions is a dream come true! FRMS shares their resources (time, money, expertise) as they deliver EXCELLENCE at every level.  It was a very FULL evening as Nadeen taught two classes. Career Development’s focus was on business ethics and our Real Estate Asset Analysis class focused on the 7 Design & Construction issues related to Fair Housing.  After all, April is FAIR HOUSING MONTH and what better way to kick off awareness than to educate the best and brightest yellow jackets in the College of Architecture’s School of Building Construction.

Needless to say, we were “buzzin” with excitement!


Nadeen Green teaches at Georgia Tech



It’s a Wonderful Wednesday with Powerful Women!

The day has kicked off with a whole lot of learning at IREM’s IDEA Exchange. Dr. Debbie enjoys her time with Greystar superstars, Collin Lowey, Senior Regional Property Manager and Melissa Hammond, Strategist for Staffing & Recruiting. Topics for the idea exchange included Technology, Reputation Management, Talent Retention, Recruiting and Hiring. Facilitators for these vital topics included: Paul Mendel, Samantha Glover, Scott Masley, Andy Wineberg and Melissa Hammond. IREM always raises the bar in education. An investment in education always pays the highest dividends!

FullSizeRender (2)IMG_3109IMG_3110

Dr. Debbie Moderates Bulldog 100 Entrepreneurs Panel

A TOTALLY TERRIC TUESDAY!  It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog today. I had the opportunity to moderate a panel for the Bulldog 100 Entrepreneurs. As graduates from the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, we shared our experiences with the most amazing UGA students in Dr. Diann Moorman’s class of 150+ students. Dr. Sheri Worthy, Department Chair for Housing, Consumer Economics and Financial Planning introduced our panel of entrepreneurs. There is absolutely NO better feeling on this earth than investing in these future leaders. These Millennials are making it happen! If you want to get connected and plug into some great talent, reach out to me and I’ll make the connection. We should be surrounding ourselves around positive passionate people each and every day! “HACE is the place!”

uga group

Work Base Learning

Dr. Debbie connects industry professionals with work base learning coordinators from metro Atlanta. Ellen Weissman and Anita Acree from Premier Placements share opportunities for high school students to get experience in the apartment industry! Over 150 work base learning coordinators were in attendance. Under the direction of Dwayne Hobbs from Department of Education, strategic and meaningful partnerships are being created to expose students to careers in the apartment industry.

Work Base Learning


SkillsUSA competition offers 2,500 students an opportunity to showcase their talents. Student leaders shine bright!

What is SkillsUSA?    “SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel. We provide educational programs, events and competitions that support career and technical education (CTE) in the nation’s classrooms.”

Dr. Debbie helps out at the SkillsUSA Championship