Karen Tinsley, HDRC Program Coordinator, Georgia Initiative for Community Housing

Dr. Debbie was the featured keynote speaker at our recent conference and our community team members and program staff were still buzzing about Dr. Phillips’ talk several days later. In the 12 years of the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing program, we have not had a more dynamic and effective speaker as Debbie. She really made them think about why they had volunteered for a local housing team and how they could work together to improve their communities. It seemed that each person had renewed energy and understanding about their role on the team and excitement to get started.”


Jasmyn Santiago, Property Manager, Benchmark Asset Services

A few years ago, I was introduced to Dr. Debbie through a former student at Georgia Tech. Ever since, I have been hooked. Dr.Debbie’s zeal to motivate everyone she comes in contact with is incredibly inspiring. With every interaction I have walked away with hundreds of golden nuggets to apply to my career success. Her wealth of knowledge and commitment to her craft is unmatched. She has the ability to unlock the greatest potential in today’s leaders. She has personally challenged me to realize my own career goals and reaching new heights I never knew were possible. I am forever changed and grateful to have crossed paths with such a gem!

Rick BradshawPrincipal TPA Group

Dr Phillips has a unique ability to review an enterprise from the outside (as an outsider) and with limited exposure to identify new and meaningful ways to deploy talent and maximize the return on human resources.  She really gets everyone energized and more engaged in their game.    You can feel the change and sense the excitement when everyone is meaningfully involved in bringing about success!

Melanie GersperChief Operating Officer ACRE

Debbie Phillips is one of the most inspiring people in our industry. Her passion is undeniable and her knowledge priceless. Debbie instructed the first marketing class I ever attended as a multifamily professional in 1997- and I still remember how I felt when I left the class – inspired, more knowledgable, and hoping I would be lucky enough for her to be one of my mentors…..the same way I feel today every time I encounter her.

RyanEngel Ryan Engel, Owner at Hedges Landscape Group

Dr. Debbie can best be described as compassionate, enthusiastic and determined. As her former teaching assistant at Georgia Tech, I can attest that Debbie has the most charming spirit with a detail-oriented passion for paying it forward to her students, clients and colleagues. If you meet her, you will immediately be enamored by her positivity, selflessness, and ability to get the job done.

KarenHatcher Karen Hatcher, President | Broker | REALTOR®, Sovereign Realty & Management

I had the opportunity to take one of Dr. Debbie’s classes at GA Tech this summer as one of my GSU MBA with Real Estate concentration classes and my experience was fantastic! Dr. Debbie is such a dynamic Professor. She is highly engaging and knowledgeable – there was never a dull moment. Her energy is intoxicating and motivating! Additionally, I had the opportunity to network with her many guest speakers and I look forward to fostering a relationship with Dr. Debbie throughout my career. Thanks again for a fantastic course!

ShaDonteDozier-Butler ShaDonte Dozier-Butler, Business Development Manager

I had the opportunity to take two of Dr. Debbie’s courses during my completion of the Building Construction Program at Georgia Institute of Technology. I also had the opportunity to conduct research with her during an independent study course. Dr. Debbie works tirelessly to position her students for successful careers, and her passion for teaching is apparent to everyone she encounters. She possesses an exceptional abililty to connect with and motivate students. Getting to know Dr. Debbie was definitely a highlight of completing my degree at Georgia Tech, and she is a tremendous asset to the university.