Workshop Topics

Becoming A Coaching Manager

This seminar gives attendees a variety of coaching tools, techniques and best practices to improve their effectiveness. Topics include:

Topics Include:

  • Analyzing Performance
  • Creating a Climate for Effective Coaching
  • Giving Corrective Feedback and Handling Difficult Situations
  • The Coaching Mind Set
  • Coaching: Self-Assessment
  • Using the “Mineral Rights” Model
  • Providing Balance and Helpful Feedback
  • The Coaching Manager as Observer


It’s All About TIME (Teamwork, Information, Motivation & Energy)

In order to optimize your company’s performance as well as your own career as an executive, you must be a visionary, a trailblazer, a strategist, a communicator, a coach, a diplomat and a politician. The world’s most successful leaders are able to focus on the “big picture” and uphold high standards while wearing many hats. This seminar blends various strategies together that are necessary for driving organizational success.

Topics Include:

  • Building Effective Teams
  • Sharing Information for Organizational Success
  • Motivation through Effective Management
  • Traits of Top Performers
  • ROI and ROE (Return on Energy)

Communicating For Clarity

Effective communication is fundamental to every successful relationship. This program gives clear and concise recommendations for improving both oral and written communications. This course covers the proper use of phone, email, handwritten letters and other formal means of communicating. The attendees leave with effective strategies that include a communications checklist.

Topics Include:

  • Communication Audit
  • Listening…Your First Step toward Success
  • Conversation – The Ping Pong Game
  • Delivering Effective Presentations

Presentation Is Everything

Understanding the importance of business etiquette and professional dress can often position one for career advancement. Business today is often conducted over a meal or in social environments and this course takes attendees through the fundamentals of dining, wardrobe enhancement, networking and general business protocol.

Topics Include:

  • Office Courtesies that Increase Your Clout
  • Using Technology Graciously & Effectively
  • Presentation Protocol
  • Wardrobe Planning
  • Dining Etiquette
  • How to Meet, Greet and Make a Favorable Impression
  • Establishing a Professional Presence


“What is your core 4?” This course is about identifying your top leadership qualities that work in your culture. Learn to use your strengths to create momentum and measure what matters!

Topics Include:

  • Leadership Styles Among Generations
  • Strategies for developing leaders
  • Transactional vs. Transformational leadership
  • Closing the leadership gap

Team Performance

Rowing in the same direction…flying in formation… If you think your team is moving in different directions, this program is for you. Understand communication styles and organizational dynamics that promote effective productivity and profits.

Winning Attitudes – Becoming A Person Of Influence

Every employee is either an asset or a liability! Investing in top performers can make a huge impact on the organization. Those people generally influence others to a higher degree. This seminar outlines the daily dozen attributes of a person with influence.

Topics Include:

  • Building Effective Teams
  • Sharing Information for Organizational Success
  • Motivation through Effective Management
  • Six Secrets to Effective Negotiation
  • Maximizing Income & Shareholder Value

The ”Business Of Business”

Maximizing the value of the asset through an intense focus on revenue.

Topics Include:

  • Reducing revenue loss through strategic marketing
  • Increasing ancillary income through processes and partnerships
  • Focusing on collections through improved screening
  • Renewing residents by creating raving fans

Successful Selling Begins With You!

This action packed seminar focuses on the mental mindset needed in sales. Most of the things we tell ourselves may be working against us. This seminar focuses on the 10 secrets of successful sales people and guides attendees through fundamental practices of selling, closing and follow-up.

“Closing” The Circle

Selling is process! In this seminar, you’ll learn the five critical steps in the sales process in addition to building a pipeline of leads through effective relationship building. Build long-term relationships, not short-term sales!

AFTO – “Ask For The Order”

In the world of text speak and instant messaging, the one most important piece of sales advice is to ask for the order! Successful salespeople often talk too much and fail to recognize vital buying signals. This workshop is an absolute refresher for even the most experienced “relationship sales builder.”

Executing Excellence

In sales, there are 2% of professionals who are extraordinary relationship builders! They develop friendships first and then share their product or service with the public. They aren’t pushy, aggressive or overly demanding. They are steady, consistent, professional and passionate about everything they do and the products they represent. This workshop shares traits of successful people and then drills down to the discriminating difference that makes them unique, effective and excellent in every way!

Genius Zone

We all have our strengths. Unique talents and gifts that each of us bring to the workplace typically go underutilized. Job fit is one of the strongest predictors of success in one’s career. Matching skills to the job can be the single most important factor in talent management. This course offers:
• Techniques for identifying strengths.
• Strategies for making the most of your gifts.
• Identifying complimentary behaviors that fuel teams.
• Defining parameters that predict success for using your Genius Zone.

Goals & Roles

This workshop focuses on understanding how achieving the owner’s goals and objectives is dependent on the team’s total engagement. We will explore the impact each individual has on product quality, customer service, marketing and maintenance. In isolation these components may seem insignificant, but when combined they can produce extraordinary outcomes. We will discuss these topics and the impact each has on the bottom line.
This workshop offers the following:
• Understanding Goals and Objectives of the Owner.
• Identifying key performance indicators that drive results.
• Strategies for managing diverse stakeholders.
• Resolving conflicts and achieving outcomes.

Networking (Netweaving)

Networking is hardly a new concept for it has been around as long as people have been exchanging ideas and information on a variety of subjects including introducing one another to opportunities. Networking as defined by Webster is to “interact with other people, to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.”
This workshop explores various aspects to networking including how different generations approach networking, the process by which individuals develop, use and maintain their network as well as common truths and myths to measuring the return on investment in networking.

Next Level Leadership

Ready to take your career to the next level or assist your team in growing beyond their current position? This workshop takes a deep dive into strategies that fuel individual and team goals. Topics include:
• Coaching
• Team Building
• Employee Engagement
• Talent Development
• Communication

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