“Dr Phillips has a unique ability to review an enterprise from the outside (as an outsider) and with limited exposure to identify new and meaningful ways to deploy talent and maximize the return on human resources…read more” Rick BradshawPrincipal TPA Group

“Debbie Phillips is one of the most inspiring people in our industry. Her passion is undeniable and her knowledge priceless. Debbie instructed the first marketing class I ever attended as a multifamily professional in 1997- and I still remember how I felt when I left the class…read moreMelanie GersperChief Operating Officer ACRE

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The Difference

The Quadrillion builds capacity in people! Our focus is to optimize systems and processes around talent management, marketing and management. The most powerful and distinguishable asset of every institution is in its PEOPLE.  No amount of capital will be enough to offset the absence of motivated people! We believe companies can move from “surviving to thriving” with attention to detail. We bring unprecedented levels of energy, passion and experience to our projects! We help companies define an operational strategy, develop a culture that reflects the heart of the organization, increase employee engagement through an intensive approach to learning and development.